Bifilar Tesla coil antenna with amplifier module, orgone charging station, Radionics device

An actively powered radionics device with a bifilar Tesla coil and tesseract sacred geometry. Bifilar Tesla coil transmitter is powered by an amplifier module that can be fed audio signals from a phone, tablet, PC, etc. via a 3.5mm audio cable. This way you can easily transmit Schumann or other healing frequencies. An LED bar indicator will indicate the power of the transmission. The power can be adjusted by changing the speaker volume on the device the Bifilar Tesla coil is connected to.

The device can act as an orgone charging device, manifestation tool, or radionics treatment unit. The top has a 65mm diameter docking port where you can place your healing crystals.

The amplifier is powered by 3xAA 1.5V batteries. Please note that batteries are not included in the set but can be easily obtained all over the world.


• outer dimensions: 100x100mm
• antenna thickness: 1.6mm


• blue
• green (electronic board)


• 3.5mm audio cable (cable included)