Throughout the ages crystals and gemstones have been known to stimulate processes of transformation and healing. Healing stones allow us to access and utilize energies, which permeate the entire universe. Each crystalline form has its own unique personality and transformation.

Crystals may be used to transform, conduct, amplify, or transmit energy and light. Minerals and precious stones are active healing agents that radiate light and energy. A crystal contains absorbed light. This is why, when placed directly on the body, it can influence the “light communication“ between cells.

An electromagnetic field surrounds each one of us. If it is in a state of dissonance, it can create disease. Through the matching energy, or frequency of a healing stone, our electromagnetic field can return to its original order.

Stones influence the body’s systems according to what is required at the time. A stone will offer information in the form of radiant energy. If this energy is accepted, healing will take place.

Healing with crystals is an information therapy. A stone chosen to suit the needs and personality of an individual will be more successful than one chosen randomly.

The atmosphere we live in affects our emotional and physical health. Healing crystals can have a positive effect on our environment.

Crystal healing is a non-intrusive method for developing the ability to heal from within. Healing stones can be used to clear the aura, balance the chakras, and to loosen old energy patterns. It is the insight gained from a stone that releases old energy patterns. If we do not stop repeating our old habits these patterns will return.

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