Tesseract sacred geometry radionics disc, aetheric pump, EMF protection, room empath protection

24k gold plated tesseract radionics energy advanced energy plate for neutralizing negative energy and radionics machines. It can be used to charge crystals, perform radionics sessions, create radionics devices, or concentrate aetheric energy.

This is the largest and most complex pure tesseract structure that we have made! Not 12, not 24, but 48 pointed tesseract! Why more nodes (points)? Well, the more lines there are in the tesseract, the more dimensions it embodies and the more effective it is. This version of tesseract also has hundreds of gold-plated holes that act as energy nodes. The holes can also house tiny healing crystals, which you can put inside if you wish to create your own art piece.

MATERIALS: copper, fiberglass, tin, 24k gold, nickel

• outline: 299x299mm [~11.8″x 11.8″]
• thickness: 1.6mm [~0.063″]