Rodin coil Scalar Wave generator module, torsion field, vibrational healing, radionics machine

A Rodin coil module is suitable for use in various radionic machine setups, for vibrational healing in combination with the amplifier module or Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicators, and more!

These coil modules act as Scalar Wave Generators when connected to a frequency source. We recommend connecting them to any of the Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicators, amplifier modules, or a third-party machine capable of emitting low voltage frequencies.

Our Rodin coils are handmade from high-quality materials using state-of-the-art tools such as 3D printers. Rodin coil has two gold-plated 4mm banana port plug connectors which enable a good connection to the energy source.

MATERIALS: copper, tin, 24k gold, bioplastic

• outer diameter: 103mm (4.06″)
• height: 34mm (1.34″)

• grey (coil base)
• white (base)

• 4mm banana plug (banana plug cables are not included in the set)