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Using their extensive background, Karin and Bruno hand pick stones and do not buy any that have been dyed or heat treated, or that are man-made. Their commitment is to offer you stones of the highest quality and energy.


Amethyst is a Quartz with traces of Iron, Aluminum and natural irradiation.


Our large selection of fine cabochons made from prime stones from around the world.


Show your love with a stone heart.

Herkimer Diamonds

Double-terminated quartz crystals with exceptional clarity and a hardness.


Extraordinary specimens with exceptional clarity and colour.


A rare nodule of red Quartz with a high iron content

Quartz Crystals

Silicon Dioxide with a hardness of 7 and a hexagonal structure

Tumbled Stones

Our rare tumbled stones are of the highest quality and we purchase them from around the world


We choose spheres made from rare or unique stones from around the world.

Slices & Decor Stones

A larger decorative stone will set a beautiful accent to your home